Homeopathy and Hormones

What are Hormones? Hormones are chemical messengers that act within the body to co-ordinate and regulate many normal functions from growth, development and puberty through to stress responses and fertility. Hormones affect every cell in your body and create a complex and inter-connected network of physiological responses to every moment of your life. If any Continue reading »

Allergies & Food Intolerance

Allergies or intolerances are on the increase and it is common for individuals to reel off a list of foods, animals, plants, or medicines that result in allergic reactions such as digestive problems, breathlessness or even unconsciousness. Homeopathy can alleviate acute allergic symptoms, but also prevent them re-occurring in the future, by treating our susceptibility Continue reading »

Homeopathy & Asthma your questions answered…

Homeopathy can in my personal experience: reduce the need for orthodox medication in the management of asthma reduce the level of asthma symptoms can be particularly helpful for babies and children adults who have developed asthma recently or are experiencing a return of childhood symptoms To an orthodox doctor, the treatment is simple. It is Continue reading »

Top 14 Remedies for Labour and Birth

While most babies are born after perfectly normal and uneventful labours, sometime things don’t go according to plan. Should that happen, a little homeopathic knowledge can help. This article covers the top 14 remedies for common labour and post-birth problems – but before we get to them, let’s answer a common question: “Is homeopathy safe for Continue reading »